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Automatic Transmissions


Super Duty ABS 101


***It has come to our attention that the low sulfur diesel fuels being sold today may have an adverse affect on older vehicles. We recommend Lubrication Engineers BTU Total Treat Diesel Fuel Improver, one quart every other fill-up. It is always in stock and we sell it for $10 per pint plus shipping. Transmission fluid is a good lubricant but should only be used if a fuel improver is not available due to its red dye content. ***



Exhaust Gas Temperatures for Diesel Trucks

You should wait until the EGT gauge gets down below 400 degrees (6.0L) or 300 degrees (7.3L) before shutting your truck off. We sell a product called a DTLS (Diesel Turbo Lifesaver). This unit runs the engine for a predetermined time allowing the truck to take its time cooling down, and then shuts the truck off. When you arrive at your destination, set the DTLS and lock the doors. The DTLS runs the engine without the key in the ignition which means that the steering wheel and transmission are locked and you are able to go about your business without waiting for cool down, not concerned that the truck will be gone when you return. Even if someone gains access to the truck, a touch of the break pedal shuts everything down.

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