SHO Motors  


3.0L / 3.2L / 3.3L

Custom built to your needs: street, track, naturally aspirated, supercharged, nitrous injected, etc. Lightweight forged pistons from 9.0:1 - 10.5:1 compression Internally Balanced With the right combination of heads, valves, cams and intake 300hp is easily attainable on a naturally aspirated motor. Supercharged applications can make upwards of 400hp!!!

Bondurant 3.0L

These motors came from the famous Bob Bondurant Driving School in Arizona. The motors have been maintained by Roush racing and have less than 1200 hours on them (<12,000 miles).

Shaft-Drive Supercharger Kits

Available for Manual and Automatic SHO applications Short distance between supercharger and throttle body reduces boost lag Mass Air Meter in front of supercharger for easier tuning and reliability.


Many V6 3.0L/3.2L and V8 3.4L motors available,
call for pricing and availability. 770-949-7191



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