Diesel Turbo Lifesaver (DTLS)

Quoted from Ford's Power Stroke Owner's Guide Supplement: "To prolong engine life (after extended high speed or maximum GVW operation), it is recommended that a hot engine be allowed to operate at low idle for about 7-10 minutes, which would allow sufficient time for the turbocharged engine to cool down." Now you can automatically cool your Power Stroke down for maximum life and reliability in one easy set and forget operation.  Hot turbochargers will cook the oil left inside of them after engine shut down and cause premature wear which leads to costly repairs.  Cooling the turbo by means of idling the engine is the best way to save it.  The DTLS is a plug-in accessory with no wires to cut and installs easily inside your vehicle.  Select from one to fifteen minutes of cool down time, remove the ignition key, lock your doors and walk away.  The DTLS engine Pre Lube feature may be used after oil changes or long periods without use to extend the life of internal parts of your Power Stroke.  Offered in two versions: Standard (15min.) or Extended Run Time (250min.).

Additional Modules:
-keyless entry - allows remote key fob to be used while DTLS is running
-cruise control - makes for a clean installation, set DTLS run time by using SET/ACCEL button on your cruise control


Brite Box

Having a little trouble with night vision and the factory high beams are just not doing the job?  We have the answer!  This plug-n-play device allows you to run low beam headlights together with your high beams for a dramatic increase in light and will boost your confidence when driving after dark.  Specifically designed for 1988 and newer fords, no wires to cut, just minutes to install, and comes with easy to read instructions.


Transfer Flow

Transfer Flow offers midship replacement tanks that are significantly larger than stock. They also offer cross-the-bed tanks that use Transfer Flow's patented USF fuel transfer system.  Check out for an application guide and pricing.


American Tank & Tool Box Company

ATTB offers handcrafted, high quality 40, 65, 95, and 135 gallon auxillary fuel tanks manufactured from 100% Marine Grade Diamond Plate with a brightly polished finish as well as 45, 65 and 90 gallon toolbox / fuel tank combinations made from the same 1/8th inch thick material.  This fuel tank system allows you to run off factory or auxillary tank and the fuel level is monitored for either tank by the factory gauge.  For increased versatility you may add a transfer pump to an of the many tanks offered.  All tanks or tool box combinations that are installed with an ATTB installation kit, on a diesel powered truck, will meet DOT specifications in ALL states.


Mag-Hytec Differential Cover

Increases fluid capacity 3 quarts for a total of 6! Drain plug and dipstick built in for easy fluid level checks and fluid changes.  Powdercoated for looks and durability, and finned for heat dissipation.

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