News: Custom Tuning with SCT Products 



SCT tuning allows us to build a program for your specific needs and vehicle modifications.

These modifications may include:

• tire size changes
• gear changes
•superchargers/ turbochargers
• transmission shift points
• different engine / transmission combos
• larger fuel injectors
• nitrous oxide



We can install the programming in your vehicle in 2 different ways:

1 - On most newer vehicles a microtuner may be used to reprogram your factory computer. The tuners are capable of holding 3 separate programs which may easily be switched in about 8 minutes.  This type of tuner can add not only horsepower, but fuel performance as well!

2 - A 4 bank chip can be installed onto the factory access port on the back of the PCM which will allow the computer to boot from our custom tuning totally bypassing the factory programming. These chips also come with a 4 position rotary switch which allows you to switch programs while driving!


So it's almost as easy as opening the hood, looking around and saying, "OK, it's a '99 Mustang with a blower making 10lbs of boost, it's got 42lb injectors, it's got this MAF, this fuel pump and this gear." Then sitting down in front of the computer and making a new file specifically for that car. Then load it up into a tuner and re-flash the car. There is a lot more to it than that, but the point is we can tune anything with a Blue Oval on the grill. It doesn't matter what's been done to the car, we can tune around it.

What our JOB is as a the business of tuning, is to tell the computer what you've done to it and what you expect it to do.

We do our JOB very well. Come check us out and lets see how good we can make your ride run.